Bullshit Assailant (A Demo)

by Velodrome

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released October 31, 2006

Recorded in three non-consecutive days in September on the sixth year of the second millenium at our practice space.

Cover painting by unknown.

[from the insert]

Bullshit Assailant (A Demo)

Bullshit is an activity that commonly occurs in situations where truth and accuracy are far less important than the ability to achieve a suitable response in the audience. In many cases, such a response helps to gain popularity or favor (often needed in politics, religion or advertising). More mundane examples of bullshit often involve the lives of ordinary people. For example, it is not at all uncommon to hear of people "bullshitting" a job interview, or attributing their performance in an examination to their ability to bullshit. In this sense, bullshitting walks the line between extemporaneous speaking and lying outright. It is also common for people to bullshit friends or acquaintances, by spinning an elaborate tall tale. The object here is to make the bullshitees look foolish by dint of their gullibility in accepting the bullshit as fact. Bullshit does not necessarily have to be a complete fabrication; with only basic knowledge about a topic, bullshit is often used to make the audience believe that one knows far more about the topic by feigning total certainty or making probable predictions. (Source: Wikipedia)

Assailant (n.) - A person who attacks another.

We would like to thank the AKG me-cro-phone company for inventing such a lovely device. Shure, sure... you're okay as well. D112... yeah, we like you too. We would also like to thank the BOSS digital recorder w/ 8 mic inputs. Without your presence we wouldn't have been able to do it. Finally, we would like to thank Long & McQuade for supplying us the gear at a reasonable price.

Velodrome is Darryl Laxdal on Bass and Dave Neufeld on Drums. We were supposed to sing on this recording, but we screwed up. Please find it in your hearts to forgive us.



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Velodrome Winnipeg, Manitoba

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